Password Management with 1Password


Account Protection Simplified, with Jeff Slater, McG Lead Senior Developer

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Having strong, unique passwords for every online service you use is important; reusing passwords with multiple accounts, while convenient & easy, provides an outsider with access to all accounts if just one is compromised. Although having a different password for every login is preferable, remembering all of them can become difficult to manage.

Using a password manager, such as 1Password, can greatly simplify login security. It can securely store your passwords (as well as other information, such as credit cards, passports, and social security number), and allow access to them across all of your devices.

It can also generate randomized passwords with a variety of options (such as XyfDaqaFkALX7zwBx>%F6pAFKBC34Mu/mtEiY=Rx or lacunae,dentist,awry,cheroot,farrier) whenever you register a new online account, so that every login of yours has a strong password, unique to the account.

In addition to managing your passwords, many online services offer a feature called “Two Factor Authentication”, which requires you to enter an additional code when logging in, for an additional layer of security. Many will text you the additional code, though most will also allow you to generate these codes using an app on your phone; 1Password is able to generate these codes for you as well.

What really sets 1Password apart is that, not only can it keep your logins safe and secure, it can also notify you when a service you use has been compromised. If you enable it, 1Password’s Watchtower service will notify you if you have any logins that should be updated. In addition, it can create lists of duplicated, old or weak passwords and recommend those be updated as well.

All of your data stored in 1Password is encrypted using a master password you’ll choose when setting it up, and is completely inaccessible without this password, so you can rest assured that your data is safe. Your data can be synced using Dropbox, iCloud, or between your devices over wi-fi. The developer of 1Password has also recently launched online services for sharing amongst workplaces (1Password for Teams) and families (1Password for Families), so that it can be accessible to you wherever you are.

The McCary Group uses 1Password every day to keep our online accounts safe, and we recommend you do the same!