Do Your Posts Stand Out in a Crowd


These tools help you decide what to say

With the amount of distributed content growing larger than ever – 4.75 BILLION pieces per day on Facebook alone – how do you decide what to post? Great content can increase the size of your audience, and your revenue. Why risk missing the mark with outdated information? Check out these tools for selecting relevant content that your audience will love:

This tool shows you what content has been shared the most in the last 24 hours, week, month, 6 months or even the past year. By entering a keyword and filtering by the content type, this tool can flesh out exactly what your followers have been — and will be — most engaged in. This means whether your audience wants to see articles about the most recent baseball game, or the latest developments in applications software, you can deliver. Choose to share one of the articles displayed, or decide to jump on the trending bandwagon and write about the topic yourself. Either way, BuzzSumo will give you the necessary insight.

Keyhole offers real-time tracking of URLs, keywords and hashtags. This means you can see the history of the popularity of a topic, website or hashtag, while analyzing whether or not the traffic is continuing to rise. If the tweets about the latest version of IOS show no signs of stopping, publishing a piece with your own take on the software may be worth considering. However, if you’re on the tail end of a trend, it may be better to look ahead. Keyhole not only shows the number of times a hashtag or keyword is used, but also how many likes, retweets and shares are involved. Download or print charts with data, including data about YOUR website, and take a deeper look at how well your company, and content, is performing.

This tool can provide insight on everything from SEO Keywords to specific domains. Search results can be filtered by country, and provide information such as the data on organic search results, stats on paid advertisements, related keywords, and the performance over time. This is an excellent tool to use when trying to decide if your content is “trending” or if it is evergreen information. The ability to sort by country also makes a large impact, particularly for individuals with international connections. Finding out what content is popular across the globe increases awareness, and also increases the opportunity to reach beyond your U.S. audience.