The shortest distance between you and . . .

“‘McG’ quickly became our sole web development firm to accomplish an aggressive set of technological goals for our firm.”


Whatever your industry, we live in the same space — at the interconnection of business + technology + entrepreneurship.

The McCary Group, Inc. is a full service custom software solutions, web design, and content marketing firm based in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.  

Since 2001, we’ve been helping large and small companies with technology and marketing solutions to stimulate, scale, and support robust commercial success.

Our reach on the ground extends from NYC to Philadelphia, to Baltimore, Austin, and Toronto. We support clients anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Why we’re different.           

In our shop, a peak performance is a repeat performance. We begin every relationship and run every project with just one end-game in mind: meeting your business goals and objectives.  

You can count on us to be on deadline, on budget, and accessible.  

Stretch your resources.

You’ll have more bandwith with McG on board — for tech strategizing, development, content marketing, and public relations — without adding employees or departments.

So, completing the sentence at the top is easy: The shortest distance between you and the realization of your great ideas begins at McG.

As a company we proudly support

food bank programs through monetary and time donations in food distribution, transport, and warehouse operations.

the American Cancer Society and Multiple Sclerosis Society by participating in cycling-related fund-raising events.