Interconnection – December 2015

Google’s Mobile Friendliness Update May be Costing You

(Is it disrupting your search rankings?)

Google’s recent “mobile friendliness” update has the potential to negatively impact traffic to your site and your overall online visibility – that is, if your site isn’t designed with mobile in mind.

And this is important because? While the update only affects search results on mobile devices, mobile has surpassed desktop usage.

The update boosts the rankings of mobile optimized pages in Google search results. Risking not knowing where your site stands could mean the difference between being featured on page one, or page ten, in a Google search.

Here are just a few aspects that Google uses to measure the “mobile worthiness” of your site:

  • Lack of quality and relevancy of web page
  • Unplayable content
  • Tapping/zooming required to navigate pages
  • Horizontal scrolling on mobile site

These aspects may display differently on various mobile devices and screen sizes. So, without proper testing, a web page may only appear to be in compliance on one device. The result: the site will still be downgraded in rank and could be buried in search results.
We can help you determine how your site measures up, and recommend what’s needed to optimize your site’s standing. Reach out to Jeff McCary at

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Madisyn Collier
Social Media & Content Specialist

Madisyn is McG’s Social Media & Content Specialist. Along with helping clients tap into social media marketing potential, this “digital-first generation” pro is working on an undergrad degree in Finance while furthering her training in marketing and public relations.
Madisyn is feeling social media’s huge untapped potential for marketing. It’s something she’s passionate about.
“Everyone uses social media, but using it well to drive business results takes strategy, great content, and sustained execution.”
Madisyn’s knack for marketing appeared at age 12 when she began promoting her photography services, then personal training services at age 17.
At every opportunity, Madisyn loves flexing her penchant for urban and product photography, adventurous travel, and using her Spanish speaking skills.

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